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Retirement Planning

For most serious investors, retirement is the ultimate goal. It's the promise that one day we'll be able to reap what we've sown from years of hard work and dedicated saving. 

Retirement can also be scary. Common fears include: What will I do with myself once I'm no longer working? Will I be able to afford my current lifestyle? What about extras, like travel? 

The Savaglia Investments and Planning approach focuses on your unique needs, wants and concerns. We have a sophisticated, goal-oriented Retirement Planning Process, that is made more personal and meaningful with your guidance.

Retirement Planning Process

Our Team uses the latest MoneyGuidePro® software to help you build a well-tailored retirement plan with impressive detail, based on specific criteria:

  • Your desired retirement age 
  • Income and assets
  • Investments and an estimated rate-of-return
  • Social Security strategy
  • Pensions
  • Taxes, etc.

As our valued client, we will present you with multiple retirement scenarios over the course of our relationship; so you can see the impact your hard work and saving habits have on the probability of you reaching your Retirement Goals. These reports include recommendations for implementing, monitoring, and modifying your personal Retirement Plan as we go along.

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Social Security Analysis

As part of your personal Retirement Plan, the Savaglia Team will help you wade through the overwhelming number of Social Security options available to you, once you reach the appropriate age. We know Social Security can be complicated and confusing. Common questions are: 

  • What can I expect my first year of Income to be?
  • How are my Benefits determined and estimated?
  • How do I decide when to start collecting? Does it pay to wait to collect my benefits until I reach Full Retirement Age?
  • What does my Lifetime Income look like right now? Will it stay that way?
  • How do I utilize Spousal Benefits?
  • How much in Survivor Benefits will my spouse need if I pass away?
  • Can I work while collecting Social Security? If so, what are the limitations?

As part of our valued client relationship, we're pleased to offer a complete Social Security Analysis to help you navigate and most effectively utilize your Benefits before and during your retirement.