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Together We Start With a Plan Focusing on Your Dreams   

At Savaglia Financial Advisors we steadfastly believe that having a financial plan, working it, fine tuning as needed, and then enjoying its rewards is not for the privileged few. It can be for anyone who dreams and plans with us.

We approach the seemingly complex world of money management and planning from a different place. A place that values and understands your current financial reality, whether that reality is exceedingly modest, comfortably successful or anywhere in between. We know that a plan that we create together will be the beginning of your journey to a better financial place.

The Savaglia Financial Advisors difference begins with us getting to know each other. This is a decidedly two-way street. Our first meeting will help lay the foundation for a personal, flexible and achievable strategy. Our priority is developing a plan for what you want to accomplish throughout your working life and in retirement. When we create your individualized plan, we will tap into our team of advisors who bring diverse and valuable expertise and experience. It’s not a one person show here. A second meeting with you will layout the plan, clearly explaining why we believe it is your best financial path forward. Your input and questions are the most important part of this dialog. Then, because we operate from that different place, we send you on your way. You take the time to decide if we earned your trust and business. No pressure; that’s just not our way.

Our way is building a long-term relationship, being your valued financial partner and keeping your plan on point to meet your needs and dreams.            

Don Savaglia (CEO and Financial Advisor) began Savaglia Financial Advisors in 1999 as a modest two-person shop where people of all financial means could get expert and experienced financial and investment advice. It has grown by helping many hundreds of clients plan for and reach their financial goals. We bring a fresh perspective and a different approach to building client relationships. It’s a personal and proven strategy that gets to the heart of your dreams and plans with a simple but profound goal: We want you to enjoy your financial future.