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Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, taking care of your business is your #1 priority; however you might neglect to plan for your retirement or pay sufficient attention your own benefits.  From Payroll to Insurance, there are so many factors that Small Business Owners have to manage every day that it is easy to forget about your personal financial well-being. That’s where we can help.  As your Financial Advisors, we will help you get on track and take care of all of the items that you are too busy to deal with.

We also partner with related professionals in the fields of accounting & legal services to provide you with one place to go for all the important components of a successful Small Business.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • What types of benefits should I offer my employees?
  • Should I include a Retirement Plan match as an incentive? How will it impact my bottom line?
  • How can I find out the cost of group health, life or disability income insurance?
  • Do I have the right amount and type of insurance to protect my business interest as well as my family?
  • What is the best way to manage cash flow?
  • Am I utilizing the right technology and software systems for financial reporting?
  • Is my business set up with the right legal structure?
  • How can I maximize my own retirement investment dollars, tax efficiently?
  • Should I have a Succession Plan for my business?
  • What will my distribution strategy look like if I leave the business?
  • Can I afford to retire?

We can help.  Call us today or schedule an appointment online.