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Larry Dreher

Larry Dreher

Financial Advisor

Having “retired” in 2018 after a 31-year IT career, I knew early on that a typical retirement just wasn’t my thing. Still relatively young and driven to contribute in some way, I pondered what would be my next, best career? I wanted something fulfilling that also nurtured my passion for solving problems and helping people. When I combined that desire with a lifelong interest in investing and personal finance, I knew that the financial services industry would be a perfect fit.

I knew, too, that I wanted to work where doing the right thing for clients was more than a mere slogan; it had to be a place where doing right by clients was absolute and genuine. Fortunately, I’ve known Don Savaglia since we coached my daughter’s kindergarten soccer team together, which illogically, seems like yesterday and forever ago. I always admired Don’s knowledgeable, thoughtful and attentive way he worked with clients. As far back as those soccer coaching days I referred friends and family to him.

I started with Savaglia Financial Advisors in 2019 as Director of Client Services and subsequently became a licensed registered investment advisor. Now my second career helps others become more confident in their retirement dreams.

When not at SFA, I like spending as much free time as possible outdoors, especially camping and hiking. When I do finally retire full time, my wife Sally and I have a bucket list of visiting every national park. We’ve checked a few off the list but there are so many more to explore. We dream on.

If you ask my friends to describe me, I’m sure the word “pyro” would eventually work its way into the conversation. Since early childhood I’ve had a love of fireworks. I’ve channeled that into a current side gig of putting on fireworks shows for two local companies. As a bonus, I still have all ten fingers 😊.

I feel blessed in many ways: in my career reboot at Savaglia Financial Advisors, in being able to enjoy Wisconsin’s great outdoors with Sally, and through choreographing the occasional fireworks show … where the child in all of us looks up and anticipates what’s next. 

Five Questions with Larry Dreher

What is the one superpower you’d like?

The ability to time travel. Seeing historical events firsthand would be fascinating.

Favorite music?

I’m stuck in 80’s Rock. AC/DC is my favorite, but I like a wide variety of music from that era.

How do you recharge?

The Japanese have a term called “shinrin-yoku”, which translates to “forest bathing.” That really appeals to me. I love solitude in the outdoors.

Dog or cat person?

Dogs, definitely. Growing up my parents raised pure bred German Shepherds. Shepherds are great, but our Cavapoo, Lucy, is better suited for condo life.

Favorite movie?

I’m a bit embarrassed, it’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”  I first saw it at a drive-in, the best way to experience a movie like that.