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Ron DuKatz

Ron DuKatz

Chief Operations Officer

Client service at Savaglia Financial Advisors is a team approach that has multiple points of engagement.

As the Chief Operating Officer, I (Ronald DuKatz) am one of those critical points of client services that you may overlook but that is exceedingly important. It’s the back-of-the-office and follow through that I’m locked in on for our clients.

When our financial advisors conclude a transaction with a client, a number of tasks often need to be undertaken, some are required by regulation others we do because it’s the right thing to do for those who put their financial trust in us.

With a strong and varied background in information technology including software and programming, I operate the technical infrastructure to support all parts of the operation, with primary emphasis on client services. Since I arrived at Savaglia Financial Advisors in February 2021 my goal has been to help make the client experience at SFA even more efficient, effective and seamless.

My prior IT and related career experiences include work at Northwestern Mutual, West Bend Mutual Insurance, GE Medical Systems and as an adjunct instructor at Lakeland College and Waukesha County Technical College.

What attracted me to SFA is our people/client-first approach and how well our work is individualized to each of our unique clients. I am uniquely familiar with that successful approach and how well it works; my wife and I are long-time SFA clients.

Helping clients plan for their future for 23 years, SFA continues to build life-time client relationships and is a strong partner as significant life events inevitably occur. Marriage, home ownership, career changes, divorce, retirement, a death in the family and more are often catalysts that force a recalibration of finances. When change seems overwhelming, our team always has had and always will continue to have your financial back.

Ron is not registered with Oasic Wealth, Inc.

Five Questions with Ronald DuKatz

Would you rather attend a Brewers World Series or a Packers Super Bowl?


What was your first job?

Delivering The Milwaukee Journal.

What series are you currently streaming?

Only Murders in the Building, season two.

What is your favorite adult beverage?

Craft IPA beer

What musician have you seen more than once in concert?

James Taylor

Bonus question … What is your favorite movie? 

Fletch (the 1985 comedy with Chevy Chase; hey, it got 77% on Rotten Tomatoes.)