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I have exciting and important news to share with our clients!  I'm thrilled to announce that on January 1 2023, Crystal Sdano has become the new owner and CEO of Savaglia Financial advisors.

I am integrally involved with the transition and will continue to personally serve you through at least 2024. In fact, I will be taking on an additional new role at SFA. More on that in a bit. As this transition moves forward, I am exceedingly confident in our talented SFA advisor team. With Crystal in charge, and with our other advisors, we are positioned to serve you exceedingly well today, tomorrow, and well beyond 2024.

Crystal’s an incredibly talented, thoughtful, and fervent client-advocate.  She began her career in 2007 at National Insurance Services working with school districts and helping employees and retirees navigate their retirement benefits. She joined SFA in 2017 and in 2020, became a partner.  She is now taking over as CEO/lead financial advisor. I am beyond pleased and exceedingly confident that Crystal will handle this role with unequaled skill, energy, and vision.

I have contemplated and planned for this transition with the SFA team for many months, keeping your financial services needs as the priority. I know this is the best time to begin this move for several personal and professional reasons, including:

  • This allows me to take on an additional and important new role. I will also begin advising clients who need information and guidance on navigating Medicare plans. Welcome to the Baby Boomer generation reality; me included!
  • Demographics are impossible to ignore. Most financial services companies are led by Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964). Within the next several years retirements will be rampant throughout the industry. At SFA we are getting ahead of the curve with this transition to a new generation of leadership.
  • And, I also look forward to having a little more time to focus on what is most important in all our lives – family. I know Karen appreciates this as well as my beloved children and grandchildren. This is a spoiler alert for further spoiling of my grandchildren!

Expect more of the same compassionate, team approach going forward as we work to ensure the brightest financial future possible for you and your family. Our name, Savaglia Financial Advisors, also remains. I began this humble company in 1999 with the goal of providing the best possible financial advice to all, regardless of income or status. I developed that steadfast principle through knowing my Italian immigrant grandfather’s experience of knocking on doors that too often were not opened. I vowed to change that, and I am pleased we do that every day at SFA. You can reach out to me or Crystal with questions. Here’s to our years ahead together.


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