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Twenty years ago, I started Savaglia Investments and Planning.  At that time, I did all the planning and advising myself.  I had one assistant, Heidi.

Twenty years later, Heidi is still here, but over that time we have built an ensemble of financial planners and support professionals. This growth has allowed us to now have an entire team collaborating on your financial needs. If you have had a recent review, there is a good chance there was a second team member in the room. This is one manifestation of our new approach.

Regardless of which advisors you meet with, our team collaborates on your plan. We each have different specialties, and we believe that we are stronger as a team, than anyone could be as an individual. This also means there is at least one other person in the office that knows your plan in detail and can provide help and answers when you need them.

To celebrate this evolution to a team-approach, we are changing the name of our company to Savaglia Financial Advisors.  It may seem like a subtle distinction, but I find the plural, “Advisors” in our new name to be significant, as it is an indicator of how we have evolved.   Along with our new name, we have refreshed our logo and adopted a new company tag line of “Dream Plan Enjoy”.  This reflects our commitment to keeping our focus on you:  your dreams; your joy.

Finally, we have launched this new web site that pulls it all together.  We’d be honored to have you take a look around and tell us what you think.  Use the “Contact Us” link to drop us a note.

I am excited about what Savaglia Financial Advisors will do for you with our collaborative effort. This allows me to continue to work with you like I always have, while increasing the level of service we provide.

Being able to stay true to the principles on which I started this company while positioning it for the next twenty years is literally, a dream come true.

Thank you for being part of our first twenty years.

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